• September 30, 2022

New Documents Prove That Hillary’s Email Technician Was Not Qualified For The Job

Newly released documents are raising more questions about whether the State Department IT specialist who managed Hillary Clinton’s private email system was qualified for the job.

Bryan Pagliano’s resume, which the State Department recently turned over to Judicial Watch, shows he had neither experience nor certification in protecting email systems against cyber security threats.

The IT director on Clinton’s 2008 campaign, Pagliano was hired as a Schedule C employee by the State Department in May 2009, much to the confusion of the agency’s career IT officials, who had never had a political appointee work in their shop.

His first job, which was set at the GS-15 pay grade, was that of information technology specialist. His official job duties are still unknown, but while he performed them he was also in charge of managing Clinton’s email system.


His resume shows he had only basic computer networking certifications, and none that would have provided the foundation for protecting a sensitive email system like Clinton’s. In addition to certifications in MSCE NT and 2000, CCNA, A+, and CCA, Pagliano had a political science degree from Emory University.

Questions have swirled around the security of Clinton’s email system, which utilized her personal non-government BlackBerry and the server, which was kept at her house in New York. The Democratic presidential front-runner has insisted that there is no evidence that the server was hacked, and the FBI has reportedly not found evidence of a hack. But experts have said it is possible that Clinton’s system was infiltrated in other ways besides a traditional hack or by sophisticated foreign government operatives who could cover their tracks.
The Romanian hacker Guccifer recently claimed that he infiltrated Clinton’s server after breaking into her friend Sidney Blumenthal’s AOL account in 2013. The claim has not been corroborated and Climton’s campaign has denied it.

Pagliano’s hire, despite his thin resume, “demonstrates his political connections more than qualifications that folks would typically want for a sensitive position like that,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told The Daily Caller. The CEO of one security consulting firm that handles all manner of security threats for the federal governments, private companies and heads of state concurs.

“While Pagliano does, in fact, have some IT experience, it’s a far cry from anything near qualifying for a position of that level of responsibility,” Global Executive Management CEO Jamie Williamson told TheDC.

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