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New Fact in Ft Lauderdale Will Leave You Speechless

It seems nearly impossible for all the facts we are finding out about the Ft Lauderdale shooter to be true, but they are.  This next little tidbit will cost you any respect for the FBI you may have.  The FBI had seized his gun during a previous investigation of him after he walked into their offices, saying he was being forced to fight for ISIS.  They eventually determined he was no threat.  (On what frigging planet?)  So, they gave him his gun back just one month before he used it to kill five people.



I realize these investigations aren’t foolproof but it seems that every terrorist has been investigated by the FBI and found to be no real threat.  Meanwhile, people are dying.  Hopefully, once Sen Jeffrey Sessions takes over, he will put an end to this crap.  I mean, he walked into the FBI office and told them all they needed to know as to whether he was a threat.  I can’t believe I am the only one who realizes the FBI has been worthless.

From The US Herald:

It is very troublesome that there were this many red flags surrounding Santiago and his intentions and he was still allowed to not only have a gun, but check that gun on a plane.

The FBI, the gate agents, and all of airport security allowed this individual to board the plane with nothing but a gun.

When Santiago walked into the FBI building in Anchorage in November he confessed to Alaskan authorities that he was feeling delusional and having “terroristic thoughts.” He even stated that he felt that he was being influenced by ISIS.

“During our initial investigation we found no ties to terrorism,” explained the agent heading the FBI’s Anchorage office, Marlin Ritzman. “He broke no laws when he came into our office making comments about mind control.”


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