• April 19, 2024

[NEW INFO] Walter Scott Shooting: Enhanced Video Shows Officer Slager Shot With Taser Darts

Walter Scott Shooting: Enhanced Video Shows Officer Slager Shot With Taser Darts – BREAKING

New evidence has been discovered in the North Charleston, South Carolina, shooting of Walter Scott by Officer Michael Slager. Enhanced video and Dash cams from two different police cars show there was a long struggle with Officer Slager apparently losing control of his tazer weapon and himself being shot with it.

From theconservativetreehouse:

You can clearly see and hear this was not a short fight prior to Officer Slager using his firearm to shoot Walter Scott.

What is potentially a game changer occurs when you review Officer Slager stating he had lost control/custody of the x26 Taser he deployed to restrain a non compliant Scott – and recognize the Taser actually appears to have been used against him.

At least one dart appears lodged in the upper torso, chest, shirt of Officer Slager.

If you review the raw footage  of the witness shooting video you can clearly see the wire from the Taser connected to Officer Slager.


walter scott tazer leadsAdditionally, if you follow the wire you also recognize the cartridge from the Taser itself is being dragged behind the fleeing Walter Scott.This is critical because the darts are on one end of the wire, and the cartridge is on the other end – usually cartridge remaining in the trigger assembly.  However, the cartridge is obviously dislodged in the struggle.

Treeper Diwataman , who previously discovered the “Three Stooges” interaction with Trayvon Martin (which became a game changer leading to the discovery of why Trayvon was at the 7-11) has done another incredible job creating a video to aid a larger understanding.

Discovery of the full radio dispatch recording by North Charleston Police, and with the Dash Cam video(s) from two vehicles, Diwataman was able to assemble a video syncing all of the data into one format easily understood.

The sync’d  video IS BRILLIANT and shows the length of time in the chase, confrontation, physical struggle between Officer Slager and Walter Scott, and the first aid administered by the responding officers.  Additionally, by adding a running clock from the moment Scott begins to run from the vehicle scene you can see the length of the struggle:

This means when the Taser fired during the struggle, the darts actually penetrated Slager, not Scott.

Factually this aligns with the recorded statement of Slager and the reports of his initial debriefing.

It could be that one dart is in the leg of Slager and the other is in the upper torso region as evidenced below.

Walter Scott - taser lead



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