• May 24, 2024

New Jersey Politician Accused of Dropping Pants and Hurling Racial Slurs, Drops Out of Race

Joseph Sorrentino (Facebook)
Joseph Sorrentino (Facebook)

A borough council candidate is bowing out of his race after revelations that he allegedly shouted racist slurs while mooning patrons of a local diner.

Joe Sorrentino, in a statement released Wednesday by his Democratic ticket, said he made a “stupid mistake” seven years ago, but learned from it. Local Republicans released police reports Wednesday detailing two separate incidents at the Sherbans Diner.

“I regret what happened, and I have worked every single day to prove that I am not the man that the report says,” Sorrentino said.

In 2007, police went to the Sherbans Diner to investigate a report that several men were acting disorderly — one of the men had allegedly mooned a woman and her daughter, and used a sexist epithet to describe them. The officer arrived to find Sorrentino with his pants down, yelling the N-word through the diner window, according to the police report.

The police officer yelled at Sorrentino to stop, according to the police report. (The reports, which contain offensive language, can be found here.)

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