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New North Korean Video Shows Destruction of Capitol and Aircraft Carrier [VIDEO]

Kim Jong-Un apparently believes Barack Obama is still president.  Otherwise he would know that the United States won’t be backed down with an inane video that shows Korean missiles everywhere without any response from our own military.  The video shows a missile heading towards the Capitol building followed by a ball of fire and the White House in the cross hairs. North Korea does not have the missile capability to hit California and to believe they could reach 3,000 miles beyond that is pure fantasy.


 North Korea has released a terrifying new World War Three video showing a simulation of rocket attacks on the US Capitol and an American aircraft carrier.

The propaganda film shows the White House in Pyongyang’s cross-hairs before an animation shows a missile descending on Washington DC and exploding in a giant fireball.

Another simulation shows US warships being targeted by rockets while footage has also been taken from Kim Jong-un’s recent military parades and live-fire drills.

It comes as the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier continues to steam towards the Korean peninsula amid an escalating war of words between Pyongyang and Washington.

The video, accompanied by rousing music, starts by showing scenes from the massive military parade in the capital last weekend.

It then shows a terrifying array of rockets aiming towards the sky before pictures of American warships and the White House are shown with a target in the middle of the screen.

Beach landings, US bombers and a American fleet of warships are all shown in the cross-hairs during the 2.5-minute clip, which ends with a mock up of a rocket strike obliterating the White House.

It comes just days after Kim Jong-un was seen smiling and waving as crowds watched a simulation of a US city being wiped out in a nuclear attack.

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