New Report Reveals A Confused And Frail Sleepy Joe Biden!

I remember, many years ago, when I came home on leave when I was in the military one time, that when I got picked up at the airport there was this long silence when I got to the car.

We had a relative that had been really sick for a while except being away from home I didn’t know the full extent. They didn’t want to worry me they said. Anyway, I went to visit this relative, my uncle who had been a literal piece of solid granite, and he had withered away to skin and bones.

He had been eaten away. I asked them why they didn’t tell me about this. My family told me because they didn’t want to worry me. This is what is happening with Joe Biden right now. He’s not well, and they don’t want to tell us because they don’t want us to feel bad…

Imperial Leader Joe Biden is “anxious” to find out where he stands with the Senate. He’s worried that the RINOs planted like sleeper cells in the Republican party won’t stand up for open borders globalism. A conviction will keep Donald Trump and his dreaded nationalism permanently out of the picture but his hold on the Senate is too weak.

The leader so frail his dog sent him to the hospital spent the big decision day wandering the Imperial Palace grounds and holding Empress Jill’s hand for support.

According to MSN reporting, on Friday, Imperial Leader Joe Biden said he was “anxious to see” how Republican senators will vote. He’s hoping that at least 17 disguised Democrats will stand up for open borders globalism and the New World Order. He’s not holding his breath though.

He knew going in that he only had five solid traitors to conservative principles in his pocket. Word inside the beltway is that he’s picked up a couple more RINOs ready to come out of the closet. That’s still far short of the number Imperialists need to convict.

Biden has no “plans” to call any of the “moderate” senators personally to lobby them for their support. He doesn’t want to out them as imperialists until they’re ready in this politically correct world we live in.

Now that his foot has healed from where he injured it playing with one of the family pets, His Wisdom guided Empress Jill on an “unannounced walk to the North Lawn of the White House.” He had ordered the palace slaves to spend the whole night laboring to assemble “a surprise Valentine’s Day display.”

When the press stuck a microphone in his face to ask about the Trump trial, Biden simply mused, “I’m just anxious to see what my Republican friends do, if they stand up.”

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