• May 25, 2022

NFL: Political Correctness Plus Taking A Knee Equals Lost Revenue $$$

The Politically Correct moral high ground the NFL been apart of, is coming back to bite them in the, you know where, pocket book. And if there is one thing that brings attention to a cause or lack there of, of one, it is lost revenue. The NFL is in a financial tail spin. This years season viewership has dropped dramatically, how much has it tanked? Let’s just say it hasn’t been this low since 1970, and 1970 was the inception of the NFL!

According to RightWingNews:

Could it be people are having more fun watching two weak candidates for president to bother with games? Nope. Let’s just say that it all started with a certain player taking a knee during the national anthem in a misplaced show of support for the inaccurate claim that police are murdering blacks all over the nation. Yup. Colin Kapernick just screwed the NFL…and he’s not even good!

The pathetic ratings are down 14%,and dropping fast.It is moving pissed off sponsors to demand their money back from Goodall and his NFL. Poor showings have major sponsors nervous as hell. Can’t sell beer to people not watching now, can you? How interesting it is going to be when the players are approached and told to stand for the sake of revenues. We all know everyone has a price, especially the NFL. The groundwork for this situation was put in place years ago with the PC movement that the NFL embraced, now it has reached a point of diminishing return, and this will not be tolerated for long. What do you think?


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