NFL’s Bill Belichick Under Fire for Not Speaking Publicly About Race Issues: ‘There Is No Middle Ground’

Barring the most hardcore of New England Patriots supporters, most NFL fans will recognize that for as much winning as head coach Bill Belichick does, there’s plenty to criticize him about.


Whether it’s his win-at-all-costs mentality, his penchant for bending the rules (when he’s not being accused of outright breaking them) or his propensity for rolling the dice on players of stunningly questionable character, Belichick deserves varying degrees of criticism.

But to attack him for not wading into the cultural minefield that is America right now?

That might be a bit of stretch.

Yet NBC Sports’ Mike Florio penned an article Friday going after the New England Patriots coach for just that. In the piece, titled “Bill Belichick’s silence becomes conspicuous,” he tried to present Belichick with an ultimatum.

“In this historic moment, there is no middle ground. The choices are to support the notion of equality, liberty, and justice for all, or not to,” Florio wrote. “For NFL coaches, they either support the men in their locker room who are simply trying to get the things that America claims to freely provide to all people, or they don’t.”

To be clear, not once has Belichick ever explicitly stated that he’s in any way opposed to notions of equality, liberty and justice for all.

But it is 2020, and apparently “You’re either with us or against us” ultimatums are the new, trendy thing in social discourse.


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