• June 20, 2024

‘No Joke’: DEMOCRATS Say Trump Has “Honest-to-Goodness” Chance Of Winning White House

Donald Trump has an “honest-to-goodness chance of winning the White House” according to an email message from the Democratic National Committee.

Titled “3 things before the GOP convention,” the Sunday email takes dual swipes at Donald Trump and the GOP ahead of the official opening of the RNC convention in Cleveland on Monday.

The message opines that Trump and his campaign are “in complete shambles.” As opposed to the campaign of their presumptive nominee, a career kleptocrat who can’t figure out what “Classified” means?

Not to worry. The communique goes on to list “3 big things we all need to keep in mind” going into the GOP convention:

  • “The official GOP platform has been remade in Donald Trump’s image, and in picking Mike Pence, Trump has named the most extreme running mate in a generation.
  • Trump and the GOP raised more than $51 million to beat us in June.
  • The polls are getting really, dangerously close in battleground states – one poll this week had Trump ahead in Pennsylvania and Florida and tied in Ohio.”

Wait. The Party of Debt, Division and Detroit – and Benghazi – tagging someone else as “extreme”?

And oh, those pesky polls!  Funny. Democrats somehow neglected to mention that Shrillary leads Trump by double digits in Colorado. This is according to the latest Monmouth University poll, also out last week.

I’m sure it’s just an oversight. But wait. It gets better.

The email wraps up with, “It may be easy to laugh Trump off, but this is no joke. Trump and Pence have an honest-to-goodness chance of winning the White House – if we get complacent.”

Like President Fore! heading off to the links whenever a crisis arises?

But there you have it. Trump has an “honest-to-goodness chance of winning the White House.” This from the mouths of babes. Or in this case, the JayVee Team. Whether or not Democrats will grasp the irony of using “honest” in relation to their candidate’s White House bid – or anything else – remains to be seen.

The email is from Amy K. Dacey, Chief Executive Officer, Democratic National Committee. It ends with the usual, “Before their convention kicks off, chip in $3 or more to beat them and all the Republicans who are running on their platform.”

Pitch in before midnight and maybe they’ll include a *free* overnight stay in the Lincoln Bedroom and *free* college. As long as someone else pays for it.


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