• June 20, 2024

North Carolina asks NAACP for clarification about alleged remarks misleading voters

For the Record’s Oct. 15 episode, “General Holder’s War,” addressed the agenda of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department to obstruct state efforts to ensure the integrity of their elections. The DOJ argues against these efforts, saying concern for “voter fraud” is a myth used only as a pretense to suppress the voting rights of minorities.

North Carolina is one state that has been at the center of this battle with the Department of Justice. Government watchdog Judicial Watch has released a letter suggesting North Carolina’s concern over voting shenanigans may be well-founded.

The letter regards a speaker at a recent NAACP conference in North Carolina. Judicial Watch describes that the conference speaker “urged audience members to mislead the NAACP’s own members” in order “to create confusion and animosity during the upcoming mid-term elections in North Carolina, and to use the evidence of that confusion in the ongoing litigation between Eric Holder’s Justice Department and North Carolina and to show that North Carolina’s election integrity laws are discriminatory.”

An excerpt from the letter reads:

Rev. Barber urged those in attendance to take unregistered voters to vote during the Early Voting period and to engage in get-out-the vote activities that included transporting registered voters to vote in precincts in which they are not assigned to vote on Election Day, or words to that effect. The stated purpose for these activities, as I understand it, was to gather evidence for and thereby enhance plaintiff’s prospects of success in the litigation involving [North Carolina’s Election Integrity Laws].

Attorneys for the state of North Carolina have asked the NAACP in the letter for clarification of the alleged remarks.

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department official and counsel at the Election Law Center, said he expects both administration officials and leftist organizations will claim this wasn’t an example of attempted fraud and will likely continue to deny voter fraud exists at all, despite such obvious examples.

“They don’t have a choice, they have to downplay the behavior … they view elections as a way to gain power, power to them is everything,” Adams told TheBlaze. “Both the legal rules and the rules of civility are unimportant.”

Adams said the alleged NAACP voter manipulation is “another example of this culture of lawlessness,” and the scale is much bigger than most people care to admit.

“It’s so pervasive in our elections, this culture of disruption, deception, win by any means necessary, it’s brazen … and it’s very unfortunate that it occurred,” he said. “The scale is more complicated than you realize, and bigger. On one side of the scale are law abiding citizens who built this country and on the other side are gangsters who are lusting over control of government … it’s a question of what’s the most important thing in life? Is it having power, or something else?”

Adams said while there will always be people who choose power over civility, the American society has found ways to keep those folks at bay.

“For the first 230 years of [America’s] existence, we’ve kept those people encaged,” he said. “We’ve kept the base instincts under control through a variety of means; the law, shame, the stocks, there’s different ways to contain that gangster instinct, but unfortunately something has uncorked it in the last few years.”

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