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NYT CEO “We’re Not Liberal…With a Straight Face

New York Times CEO Mark Thompson made the ludicrous claim that the New York Times is not a liberal rag.  That’s like saying barack Obama isn’t a Muslim.  There’s just way too much evidence to deny it.



“We’re not losing touch.  On the contrary people in their millions are coming to us … we want to cover America and the world objectively, independently, truthfully.”

I guess that proves you can’t always get what you want, because there is nothing honest about the NYT’s coverage of the news.  Unbelieveably, Thompson was able to maintain a straight face throughout.

“I don’t mean the readers,” the host interjected, pounding on the desk. “I mean what’s on the front page. Do you feel like sometimes that doesn’t reflect the entire country? That maybe it’s too far from a liberal point of view? I don’t know, I’m just wondering.”

“No,” Thompson replied. “To be honest with you, no I don’t.”

Another host interjected somewhat incredulously: “You don’t think you have a liberal point of view in The New York Times?”

“There’s no question that the editorial pages, the opinion pages of the Times –”

“No,” she pressed. “I’m talking about the front page, the arts page, the business page, the sports page.”

“I want to be really clear,” he replied. “In our news coverage, we aim to be objective and to tell people straightforwardly what’s happening,” he replied. “So the news without bias, without fear or favor is the famous phrase there.”



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