• September 22, 2023

NYT Columnist Begs Globalist Billionaires to Stop President Trump

Those who can…do.  Those who can’t…teach.  Those who can’t do or teach…write for the New York Times.  Me 2011

Thomas Friedman, who espouses a one world government run by the high IQ elitists, has written an article begging globalist billionaires to step in and stop President Trump.


Here is what he wrote:

Dear America’s Business Leaders:

I am writing you today because it will soon become clear that you’re going to need to do a job that you’ve never thought of doing before: saving the country from a leader with a truly distorted view of how the world works and the role America should play in it…

The only group whom Trump has some respect for, who can get access to him and who can maybe counter the malign ideological instincts of [Steve] Bannon & Company are the likes of Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Jeff Immelt, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Jamie Dimon, Mike Bloomberg, Elon Musk, Indra Nooyi, Ginni Rometty, Dennis Muilenburg and Doug McMillon…

The way we lift American workers is not by building higher walls, but rather stronger communities — where business, philanthropies, the local school system and local government forge adaptive coalitions to enable every worker to engage in lifelong learning and every company to access global markets and every town to attract the smart risk-takers who start companies.

That is exactly what is happening in America’s best communities, and the job of government is to scale it, and the job of big business is to defend it. So don’t be fooled by a Trump sugar high; your businesses will thrive only if America is the country that prepares itself and its workers to live in a world without walls, not one that goes around erecting them.

Friedman’s latest book,  “Thank You For Being Late,” contains a couple of excerpts that explains who this jerk is.

“We need … removing all limits on H-1B visas for foreign high-skilled knowledge workers.”

That is the program where billionaire Silicon Valley companies use to bring cheap foreign labor in to replace American workers.  President Trump has signed an Executive Order curtailing the program that threatens the Silicon Valley’s bottom line.

He is also a big fan of Islam:

The golden age of  the Arab-Muslim world was between the eight and thirteenth centuries, when it became arguably the world’s greatest polyculture, centered in Spain and North Africa. That was a period of great intellectual ferment in the Arab-Muslim world, which became the place to study science, math, astronomy, philosophy, and medicine.

Of course his claims are both wrong.

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