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Obama is Gone But the malady Lingers..Honduras Gets 125 Million Dollars

On Tuesday, 125 million taxpayer dollars was transferred from the Treasury to The Honduras after US ambassador, James Nealon, and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez signed a transfer agreement.  The 125 million is the first in a package totalling 750 million that will be sent to South America in a program designed by Obama ostensibly to stem the tide of illegal immigration.



The money is supposed to improve the standard of living for people living in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, known as the Northern Triangle of Central America.  Considering the massive poverty and the large number of gangs with it’s associated violence, 750 million does not seem much like a cure and oversight of the money will be nonexistent if it is anything like Obama’s other redistribution of wealth, but I’m sure the presidential palaces will receive a nice upgrade.

From DigitalJournal:

Every year, between 80,000 and 100,000 Hondurans trek north in an attempt to get into the United States, according to estimates by humanitarian groups.

About a million of their compatriots live in the US, most of them without legal residency papers.

The new US president, Donald Trump, has promised to reduce the number of undocumented migrants in the United States and to deport many of them back to their home countries.

He has also signed an order to start looking at construction of a 2000-mile (3,000-kilometer) wall along the US border with Mexico to stop illegal border crossings.

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