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Barack Obama Gives Uranium to Iran as Parting Gift, Enough For 10 Nuclear Warheads

To put it more bluntly, Obama signed off on giving Iran enough uranium to build over 10 nuclear warheads.  The media is spinning this as no problem since we are monitoring all of their nuclear development.  That’s fake news.  We don’t get to personally inspect some sites.  Those sites we have to request information and Iran will supply the answers.  Would could possibly go wrong with that.  Reminds me of a friend who was served a search warrant and was allowed to conduct the search for stolen property himself.

He reported that ther were not 4 large flat screens lining the hallway, no 23 I Phones were in his desk drawer, no 7 Gateway computers in the bedroom closet or 31 blue ray DVD players in the spare bedroom.  He handed the list of things that were not in his apartment to the chief of police, who sighed with relief and he and the other policemen all went home.


From The Blaze:

…Tehran has not said what it would do with the uranium but could choose to store it or turn it into low-enriched uranium and then export it for use as reactor fuel.

Without confirming the reported agreement, U.S. officials argued that such shipments would neither endanger nor violate the Iran nuclear deal.

Two U.S. diplomats, speaking anonymously, revealed the exchange before a meeting in Vienna to discuss Iranian charges that the U.S. was reneging on sanctions relief mandates included in the Iran deal.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said there is no ban on imports of this kind to Iran, and reiterated that uranium  “cannot be used … for a weapon” in its original form, the AP reported.

No, it can’t be used in it’s current form but it can be enriched and Iran has the capability to do so in one of those military installations we are not permitted to search.

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