• April 15, 2024

Obama Tells America, Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter! Vows To Bring In Refugees.

The White House sent out a stern warning to states about the refugee battle, saying governors don’t have the power to block the federal government from resettling the migrants and attempts to do so could lead to punitive action.

But the warning didn’t go over well with Republicans. At least one, Virginia’s Rep. Bob Goodlatte, slammed the White House for being “hypocritical” for demanding states obey federal wishes while at the same time ignoring immigration law.

The White House warning came via a two–page letter from the Office of Refugee Resettlement signed by director Robert Carey, and was first reported by the Houston Chronicle. And it sets the stage for a dramatic Tenth Amendment showdown, pitting states’ rights against the federal government at a time when immigration – underscored by recent terror attacks in France – has moved to top of the list among voter concerns.

The letter read, in part: “States may not deny [Office of Refugee Resettlement)–funded benefits and services to refugees based on a refugee’s country of origin or religious affiliation. Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR–funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees.”

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