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Obama will Meet with Democrats in Attempt to Protect Failed Obamacare

A list of thing Obama will be remembered for:


Adding $9.3 trillion to the national debt

Overseeing the rise of Islamic terror attacks in the U.S.

Pushing failed gun control measures

Giving away U.S. influence overseas

Aiding terrorist nations

Stabbing U.S. allies in the back

Leaving the country more divided than it’s been in well over 50 plus years

Presiding over the destruction of Democrat Party and responsible for the strongest Republican Party wins in over 80 years

These are some of the things that Barack Obama will be not favorably remembered for, but he will be remembered.

In a last ditch effort, Obama is now trying to protect his signature money draining healthcare law, Obamacare, from Donald Trump. Even though he is leaving office on January 20th, Obama will attend a meeting with Democrats from Congress on Wednesday.

Republicans plan to repeal Obamcare but will delay implementation until a new plan is developed.

Trump has promised to get rid of Obama’s signature law and to replace it with a better plan that would give states more control over Medicaid. Donald Trump has also promised to allow insurers to sell over state lines giving more competitive rates while keeping the option for children to stay on parent’s healthcare until age 26 and cutting the ‘pre-existing health condition’ factor.

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