• December 5, 2022

Obama’s “Champion of Change” Convicted in Immigration Fraud


Bonnie Monique Youn, an immigration lawyer, who was praised by the Obama caliphate as a “Champion of Change” in the tradition of Cesar Chavez has been convicted of immigration fraud and has been placed on probation and forced to give up her law license for at least two years.  She falsified documents for a Korean national.  The White House has removed the page praising her for her efforts in immigration reform.  I don’t know why.  Her practice of lying is very compatible with Obama’s.

Youn was given a two year sentence of probation, fined $5245, and loses her law license for a period of at least two years.  She could be disbarred by her local Bar Association.  In her amended application on behalf of the Korean national, Youn claimed that the immigrant worked for the Asian American Educational Foundation of Georgia (AAEFG) as an accountant.

US Attorney John Horn announced:

“Youn is an immigration attorney and has a thorough familiarity with immigration rules yet she advised an alien to fraudulently file an application with immigration services claiming to be employed by an entity she controlled.”

“Her sentence and prohibition to practice law for two years are appropriate punishment for submitting false information to United States Immigration authorities.”

The deception was discovered when Youn’s client was interviewed by investigators checking on her application at a hair products company in Louisiana.  The investigators noticed she would have to check her notes before answering questions.  The client then revealed that Youn and her paralegal had supplied her with notes because she was having trouble remembering the story she was supposed to tell them.  They also discovered that she had never worked for the AAEFG and had never even lived in Georgia.

Special Agent in Charge of ICE Homeland Security Investigations Atlanta Nick S. Annan issued a statement:

“Immigration fraud presents a serious threat to the national security of our country.  Illegal schemes like this not only undermine the integrity of our nation’s legal immigration system, but they create potential security vulnerabilities while also cheating deserving immigrants of benefits they rightfully deserve.”

No mention was made about whether authorities would be looking into other cases handled by Youn.

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