• April 15, 2024

Obama’s DOE Put Out Fake School Shooting Numbers

Did the Obama administration ever do anything legally? Maybe you’ve heard something I haven’t. According to the last school shooting report from the school year 2016/2016 the reports says there were 235 school shootings. In a rare display of real journalism, the NPR got on the phone and called all 176 schools in the report and only eleven of them confirmed that a shooting took place there. Reports from the ACLU counted less than 12 school shootings and Everytown For Gun Safety  reported 29 and they have long been known to inflate the number of shootings. So, why did Arne Duncan and Barack Obama come up with such a ridiculous number? Gun control.

From The Daily Caller

The Civil Rights Data Collection’s (CRDC) 2018 spring report on school climate and safety for the 2015 to 2016 school year, published by the Department of Education, stated that 235 schools, about 0.2 percent of U.S. schools, “reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting.” NPR reportedly reached out to every school mentioned in the report and, of the 176 schools that responded, only 11 confirmed that incidents meeting the government criteria for a school shooting occurred, while at least four schools miscategorized the incidents they reported. 

The Department of Education stated in response to the NPR report that it relies on schools to self report accurately. The DOE plans to publish updated data in the Fall of 2018 and told NPR that they will not republish the current report for the 2015 to 2016 school year.

The DOE’s number of reported incidents also contrasts sharply with reports for that year from other organizations, such as the ACLU of Southern California, which confirmed fewer than 12 school shooting incidents, and the Every Town for Gun Safety (ETGS) database, which found only 29 shootings at K-12 schools from md-August 2015 to June of 2016. The ETGS database report, based on media reports, shares only seven incidents in common with the DOE report.

As it turned out, in many of the cases reported as shootings, it was actually the confiscation of a knife or firearm and not an actual shooting. Only a liberal could believe that disarming law abiding citizens will lead to less gun violence. It didn’t work in Great Britain and it didn’t work in Australia and it would not work here. We can be grateful that our Founding fathers had the foresight to put gun ownership in our constitution.

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