• October 6, 2022

Oberlin Student Demands…No Grades Lower Than a C and No Mid Term Exams


Over 1,300 students signed a petition to do away with any grade below a “C” and to exchange midterm tests for a talk with the professor.  If you think that is ridiculous, wait til you hear their reason.  It seems that that their schoolwork is interfering with their activism.  Think I’m kidding you?

Read this from The Week:

The students say that between their activism work and their heavy course load, finding success within the usual grading parameters is increasingly difficult. “A lot of us worked alongside community members in Cleveland who were protesting,” Megan Bautista, a co-liaison in Oberlin’s student government, said, referring to the protests surrounding the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a police officer in 2014. “But we needed to organize on campus as well — it wasn’t sustainable to keep driving 40 minutes away. A lot of us started suffering academically.”

The student activists’ request doesn’t come without precedence: In the 1970s, Oberlin adjusted its grading to accommodate student activists protesting the Vietnam War and the Kent State shootings, The New Yorker reports. But current students contend that same luxury was not granted to them even though the recent Rice protests were over a police shooting that took place just 30 miles east of campus.

“You know, we’re paying for a service. We’re paying for our attendance here. We need to be able to get what we need in a way that we can actually consume it,” student Zakiya Acey told The New Yorker. “Because I’m dealing with having been arrested on campus, or having to deal with the things that my family are going through because of larger systems — having to deal with all of that, I can’t produce the work that they want me to do. But I understand the material, and I can give it to you in different ways.”

It seems to me that this is the wrong way to solve the problem.  Let me offer a better solution.  With room and board, a year at Oberlin costs about $64,000 a year.  A four year degree costs $256,000.  Now listen closely.  Parents will in the future pay Oberlin $128,000 and Oberlin will give their little darlings a diploma.  The college can then turn the dorms into motel rooms, rent out the buildings to businesses and lay of all but the janitorial employees.  That leaves the students four years of unfettered activism crime.

The students would have thought of the idea themselves if only they had spent more time in class.


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