• April 13, 2024

Officials to Open 220-Year-Old Time Capsule, Placed by Samuel Adams

Massachusetts Officials to Open 220-Year-Old Time Capsule

BOSTON — The contents of a 220-year-old time capsule placed under the cornerstone of the Massachusetts state house by U.S. founding fathers including Samuel Adams and Paul Revere are set to be unveiled on Tuesday.

The 10-pound brass box was removed last month from its home in the statehouse, an 18th-century building topped by a gilded copper dome made by Revere’s company, and X-rays showed it held coins, a bronze medal portraying the first president, George Washington, and colonial records, officials said.

It was first placed under the cornerstone in 1795. The unveiling of the capsule at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston will mark the first time its contents have been seen publicly since 1855, when it was removed from the cornerstone and the items inside cleaned.

The capsule is more than a century older than a 113-year-old one discovered inside a lion atop Boston’s Old State House last year. That capsule included materials from the presidential campaigns of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

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