• October 28, 2021

Democrat Lawmaker Caught On Camera Openly Committing A Felony!

Oh, look another dirty Democrat trying to get out of being arrested, but this time it was captured on a dashcam. Now, if you missed this story just like I did this incident occurred last week after Michigan  Rep. Jewell Jones was pulled over after rolling his car in a ditch.

The police then discovered that Jones was driving under the influence and attempted to place him into custody. Instead of Jones complying with the officers who arrived on the scene, the arrogant leftists decided to threaten them.

Jones is quoted as saying, “I run y’all budget, bro”.

That sounds like a political figure who is really in control of their actions.

Take a look at the moment the incident unfolded:

However, it gets even more salacious from there. After the medical team arrived to see if the two parties had any injuries sustained from the crash they discovered that the female passenger was not wearing any pants. Hmmm, I wonder what was going on in that car?

Fox 2 News had more details to share:

Newly released dashcam footage shows the day Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) was arrested in Livingston County after he allegedly drunkenly crashed his SUV.

Jones, 26, is facing numerous charges in connection with an alleged drunken driving crash April 6.

Jones allegedly had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit as he drove for at least 50 miles from Southfield to Fowlerville with his Glock pistol in the cupholder before crashing. Jones is accused of becoming combative with police and a paramedic who tried to help after the crash.

“You pulled me over and I’m not doing s—,” Jones can be heard saying on the video.

According to a police report, Jones tried to use his position as a lawmaker to get out of the arrest. He is accused of telling officers he will call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on them, even referring to her by her first name, and threatening the officers by telling them he runs the state budget.

The Michigan New Journal got the scoop too:

Michigan State Police dashboard camera footage captured the arrest of Rep. Jewell Jones on April 6th.

Jones was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and resisting arrest after a crash on I-96 near Fowlerville. State cops said they found Jones’ SUV with the vanity SELECTED in a ditch.

Jones can be heard in the video about the position in the Legislature and Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“I’m going to call Governor Whitmer now,” Jones said on the video. “I am a state representative.”

The video shows the police bringing Jones to the ground while they continue fighting with him.

State police reported that it took two taser and pepper sprays to get Jones under control.

Police said Jones – who declined to have a blood test – had blood alcohol levels of 0.19% – more than double the legal limit – after receiving an arrest warrant.

Here’s the full dashcam footage:

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