• June 28, 2022

Ohio State Students Including Miss Ohio Want Guns on Campus


Students at Ohio State, including the lovely Miss Ohio want the university or the state legislature to give them the right to carry guns on campus for protection.  After the car and stabbing attack, students see how dangerous the policies of Barack Obama and John Kasich has been.  Miss Ohio would have to be for open carry.  There’s nowhere there that could conceal a gun.

Image Credit: Students for Concealed Carry

From IJR:

Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus, a chapter of the national group, Students for Concealed Carry, posted a public statement on their Facebook page and created an online petition via Change.org asking the Ohio Senate body to revise HB 48. The law currently allows campus carry in Ohio, but delegates that decision to each individual school and reduces the penalty of having a gun on campus from a felony to a misdemeanor. Unlike the Texas version of “campus carry,” Ohio State University was allowed to opt out of allowing permit holders to carry firearms on campus.

Here are some excerpts from the petition:

“I implore you to consider amending House Bill 48 to allow licensed campus concealed carry and remove the university campus carry opt-in clause retaining the authority to regulate campus carry in the general assembly.”

“…as evidenced by pending litigation brought by Students for Concealed Carry and Ohioans for Concealed Carry against Ohio State University, there is little desire to enact a policy permitting campus carry much less follow current law with respect to possession of firearms on college campuses.”

They continue:

“The authority to regulate firearms on our public property should lie with the general assembly, not some appointed group of individuals who are not accountable to the people of Ohio through the election process.”

“Please, for the sake of our best and brightest, amend HB48 and pass real campus carry. The time to restrict their right to choose is no more.”


OSU law student and former Miss Ohio USA 2014, Madison Gesiotto, had this to say:

“Criminals and terrorists do not respect the law and they will not follow the law. We need campus carry to protect ourselves and out friends on campus. I am sick of schools serving as victim target zones for these criminals and terrorists. Instead, we should be empowered to protect ourselves and those around us.”


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