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Once Her Parents saw the Pictures She Drew They Immediately Called the Police

The parents of five year old girl were shocked when their daughter refused to go to the church for English lessons anymore.  They took their child to psychologist who suspected sexual abuse but she didn’t know by whom, so she told the parents to search the girl’s room for clues.  The parents found two pictures that showed the priest who taught the English class the girl was attending spreading the legs of the little girl by force and she has a terrified look on her face.  54-year-old Father Joao da Silva was confronted by the police and he admitted to using the girl for his sexual satisfaction.

 The sketched little girl’s expression in both images is one of pure terror.

Because this crime is atrocious, Karine Maia of the Delegation for Stopping Crimes Against Women stated that they found six such drawings among the little girl’s possessions.

Now da Silva is being held in custody over the child abuse allegations.

This story quickly followed the one about the well-known Brazilian priest who hanged himself in jail while he was facing similar child molestation charges. To think that these religious figures are abusing their power to harm and torment children is unspeakable.

The priest who committed suicide, Bonifacio Buzzi, had been arrested for molesting two young and vulnerable boys. The priest was no stranger to child molestation as he had previously spent time in jail for similar charges. He thought religion could save him from his true nature, but it didn’t. He hanged himself in jail effectively admitting his crimes.

This problem has been going on for years and the Catholic church ignores it until it’s too late and many kids are traumatized.  Juries need to start awarding victims huge sums of money and prosecutors need to go after church leaders who intentionally overlook these crimes.



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