• April 15, 2024

One High School Has Just Crowned Their First Transgender Prom Queen

Amidst the sequins, makeup and heels, Oak Park High School’s 2015 homecoming court is breaking stereotypes and making history.

The senior class nominated its first transgender student for homecoming queen, and it was announced Saturday that she won the title.

Landon Patterson always dreamed of riding in the parade and joining the ranks of the high school tradition, but never thought classmates would look at her as a female.

“I’ve dreamed about it since my freshman year, but I never knew it was possible for me,” Patterson said. “Just knowing that I did this, and that I just broke some barriers, I can’t even put it into words what I’m feeling right now. I’m just excited and hope this is going to help others out there.”

But after coming out as a transgender female last year while staying active as a cheerleader and show choir member, classmates made their acceptance clear through the annual nomination process for homecoming queen.

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“She has so much strength that I just envy. She’s just beautiful and I love her,” Orie Agbaji, another homecoming queen nominee, said.

Patterson said she spent most of her life identifying as a gay male, but always knew there was something more.

“There was always something so much deeper inside me. I finally realized, I am female. I feel like I’m a girl on the inside,” Patterson explained.

Patterson’s mom, Debbie Hall, rode alongside her daughter during the homecoming parade. Hall said she sees no other option than to support and love her daughter.

“That’s my child. You have to back your children. The haters out there, I just want to say, ‘What would you say if it was your child?'” Hall said.

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