• June 13, 2024

One Man Starts New Movement And It’s One That We All Can Get Behind



Maj Toure is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia who has seen many people in his city gunned down by bad guys with guns.  He has started a program called, “Black Guns Matter.”  He strongly believes in the 2nd Amendment and wants blacks in his city to learn how to use guns safely and to teach them that the have a responsibility to only use the guns as intended, for pleasure and self defense.  Many people, black and white who live in the inner cities have been the victims of the bad guys long enough and if these thugs, both black and white know they could be facing someone with a gun, they would think twice.

Toure believes the answer to the high crime rates is not to take the guns off the streets but to put guns back onto the streets into the hands of law abiding citizens because he realizes that gun laws only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and gives the criminals a big advantage.  Toure is an artist and an activist and the City of Brotherly Love is his home and his passion.  He is tired of seeing law abiding citizens become victims.

“The stigma, especially in an urban environment like Philly, is if you have a gun, you’re either law enforcement or the bad guy.  What we’re trying to do is say that just because you have a gun doesn’t make you the bad guy. But while you have your firearm, which you have the right to have, you have to be a responsible, card-carrying good guy.”

“Our aim is to try to get more people on the side of the informed gun culture.”

I wish him luck.

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