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One Officer Killed, One Wounded in San Diego Attack

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During a routine traffic stop, two policemen were shot, one fatally and the second wounded.  The second officer was operated on last night and is expected to survive.  Police have arrested one suspect and a second one is on the run after the shooting.  Police are warning local residents to stay indoors while the search continues.

Police Brass confirms shooting

Crime scene where two officers were shot, one fatally

The search continues for the second suspect

San Diego police chief Shelley Zimmerman appeared at the scene.  Police say they have no motive for the shooting as of yet. The shootings come on the heels of the Dallas and Baton Rouge attacks on police that have officers across the country on edge.

The officers were shot near South 38th Street in San Diego late on Thursday night

Standing guard

Police confirmed they have made one arrest while they search the area for other possible suspects 

The officer's partner is currently in surgery fighting for his life after last night's double shooting 

The search is continuing this morning.

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