• May 17, 2022

One Picture Of One Grocery Store PROVES They Are Lying To Us…

There are some big issues in grocery stores across the country if you haven’t noticed.

People in various locations are all posting and saying the same thing, that their grocery store shelves are bare.

Of course, everyone is going to great lengths to cover up the alarming truth and it is beginning to remind me of North Korea.

Like this picture that was discovered online.

Now, I am not exactly sure where it came from but it needs to be shared since it is rather disturbing.

It’s a photo from a produce section and instead of a fresh bounty of salads and other products. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that it’s just rows and rows and rows of iceberg lettuce.

Nothing but iceberg, at $2.99 a pop, no less.

Does anyone else remember when they were .99?

Of course, the Biden protectors are out in full force saying that the reason there are so many rows of iceberg lettuce is based on a recall on bagged salad.

Okay, sure. I guess there was also a big recall on something else that these 200,000 bags of candy melts are “subbing” for, huh?


There’s always an excuse, isn’t there? It’s never Joe’s fault.

And these rows of endless “folding chairs” are standing in for some other product that can’t be with us today.

But whatever you say, it’s NOT related to Joe Biden, okay?

These people honestly think that we will all fall for this and that there is nothing wrong at all!

If the shelves are all looking full then there are no issues with the supply chain at all.

That is how stupid they think we are.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is my store’s produce section. Hey, at least they’re honest about it.” 



“If life gives you lettuce, make lettuce-ade.”

“What the hell is Biden doing to this country?” 

“At my local Walmart just this evening”



“And people keep talking about bare shelves! Pshhhawwww, it’s not real according to the news and Biden!!” 

“Tell me you have supply chain issues without telling me you have supply chain issues.”

“I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The Cuba-like selection, or the fact that they’re displayed like shoes.”

There’s a name for this.

It’s called “facing” and it’s the act of making sure you have something in every spot on a shelf. Even if that means deliberately placing items in the wrong spot to “fill holes”

And this act has taken on a whole new meaning in the era of Biden’s Bare Shelves.

It looks ridiculous, and it’s also insulting, to boot.


We know we look like Venezuela, stop trying to trick our eye.

This dumb “marketing trick” angers many people right now – and rightfully so – but apparently it increases sales and calms people’s nerves because shoppers do not like to see bare shelves.

Well, then stop voting Democrat.

I think we’re far beyond the “don’t like to see bare shelves” point.

It’s now clear that we’re heading into “eating zoo animals” territory if this doesn’t get better soon.

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