• May 29, 2023

Oregon Democrat Who Closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa Humiliated in Election


Brad Avakian, who closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa because they refused to cater a gay wedding has been humiliated (Not just beaten) in his bid to become Secretary of State in  Oregon.  Not only was he beaten badly but he is the first democrat to lose a statewide office in 14 years.  The last time oregon had a republican Secretary of State was in 1985.  Avakian has been the commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries since 2008.  He levied a fine against the bakery for $135,000.  Before that he fined a bar $400,000  for refusing service to trannies.

I guess that even in a state as liberal as Oregon, political correctness has gone too far.  Evidently, Avakian perceived himself as the champion of the people, but the people didn’t see it that way and there aren’t enough gays in Oregon to swing the election.  One of the main themes of Trump’s campaign this year was ending ridiculous political correctness and replacing it with common sense.  It should be noted that Avakian took no action against Muslim bakeries who also refused to cater gay weddings.

From The Daily Caller:

While the Kleins’ business was going downhill, Avakian turned his sights to higher office. In last week’s general election, he ran for Oregon secretary of state. But in an upset, Dennis Richardson, a former state representative and gubernatorial candidate, trounced Avakian. Richardson will become the first Republican to win an Oregon statewide office in 14 years, and the first Republican secretary of state since 1985.

Notably, Richardson triumphed despite being an outspoken social conservative in a state known for its liberality. Richardson pitched himself as a nonpartisan figure who would focus on the job’s traditional roles off monitoring elections and auditing public spending. Avakian, on the other hand, vowed to turn the office into a vehicle for progressive politics, saying he would use the post to fight climate change, promote abortion rights, investigate private companies, and champion certain candidates and political causes (despite the office’s electoral monitoring role). Avakian’s ambition alienated many, and despite traditionally endorsing Democrats, several newspapers in the state backed Richardson.

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