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Oregon Judge Being Investigated For Helping Illegal Alien Escape ICE [VIDEO]

An illegal alien was in court to answer for a DUI arrest.  ICE waited outside the courtroom to arrest him as he was leaving, but allegedly, Judge Monica Herranz showed the illegal alien a side door not to be used to prisoners that would allow Diddier Pacheco Salazar, 22, to avoid the ICE officers.  The ICE agents complained to US Attorney Billy Williams, who has now charged that Herranz had aided and abetted Salazar in his escape.  ICE agents eventually arrest Salazar when his next court date came up.  They arrested him before he entered the court this time.

ICE decided against recommending charges against Herranz, which was a terrible decision.  Until some of these jerks in government spend some serious time in prison, no one will feel compelled to follow the law and will act on their own ideology.  She is however being investigated internally.  They should put her in a room and lock the door then throw the room away and keep the key.


From The Mail Online:

Herranz is now under internal investigation after U.S. Attorney Billy Williams accused the judge of letting Salazar leave through her private entrance after staff realized immigration and customs enforcement agents were waiting for him.

Every courtroom in the Multnomah County Circuit Court has three doors – one for the public, a private judge entrance and one for inmates to be brought in from jail. 

Williams told KOIN the only explanation was that Herranz – who is on the board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association – or a member of her staff helped Salazar to leave through another door. 

ICE agents brought the matter to Williams after the incident allowed Salazar to evade the immigration officials.


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