• May 17, 2022

Pathetic Hillary Turns To Entertainers To Draw Voters To Her Rallies

Quick question, How many people would have shown up to Hillary Clinton rally in Miami, in the rain on a Saturday night, if Jennifer Lopez was not there to perform for free? Hillary Clinton took to the stage with Jennifer Lopez in Miami late Saturday when the music superstar performed a free concert in the rain to encourage early voting in the battleground state of Florida.

According to Yahoo:

Clinton arrived for the last segment of the gig, after Lopez’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony, had already performed. She enveloped Lopez in a bear hug, before thanking the former couple for their support.¬†The concert capped a day of campaigning in Florida for the Democrat nominee after America’s top cop, FBI Director James Comey renewed his probe of her emails and her lead over Donald Trump narrowed.

Hillary appearing at a packed outdoor concert with the performers on a rain-soaked night in Miami. It’s part of a series of concerts Clinton’s campaign is organizing with high-wattage stars in the election’s final days. This is her last straw, turning to Hollywood’s Left to spark the low information voters to turn out and save her pathetic campaign.¬†Clinton urged voters not to let Republican nominee Donald Trump get away with “stoking fear” and “insulting one group of Americans after another.” Playing off Lopez’s hit “Let’s Get Loud,” Clinton urged Floridians to “get loud at the voting booth.” It is getting to the point where it is sad to see her anywhere. She brings everyone down in one way or another. What do you think?

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