• May 24, 2024

Paul Ryan Continues to Stab Donald Trump In The Back

I am writing to try to open eyes to the fact that our two party system has morphed into a club oligarchy. It just has the illusion of grey to make the simpletons believe their vote counts. It’s never been more obvious than this years election cycle with the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

The Bern was taken out early by a more organized bunch of criminals, the Democrats. The Republicans still have more to learn in dealing with Mr. Trump. But from Paul Ryan’s comments we can see who he has jumped into bed with.

According to Dennis Michael Lynch:

 Ryan was so quick to join the media frenzy surrounding Kahn and the attacks against Trump, Ryan recently shunned several mothers of children who were killed by illegal aliens as they tried to meet with him.

The News Organization,Breitbart called Ryan a “double agent” and noted that “Ryan did not mention that Trump has recently made clear that his plan to curb Islamic migration will focus on geography and regions. Nor did Ryan mention that — as many, including Jeff Sessions and Andrew McCarthy, have pointed out — religious screening is, in fact, constitutional.”

If anything this election cycle has shown us how far our government has drifted from, never mind our founding fathers, but let’s try sixty years ago, when we were in the land of milk and honey. The corruption is right before our eyes and we seem to have no power to stop it. There will be a day soon, (I hope) when we can have true public  servants and not career politicians leading this once great nation.

What are your thoughts?

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