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Pelosi Says It Is Good When a Mother Can Choose Abortion to Adopted Woman [VIDEO]

A woman whose mother chose to give her life and then allow her to be adopted confronted Nancy Pelosi and asked her if children such as herself should have a chance at life.  Pelosi’s remarks lead one to believe that she was sort of disappointed the young woman’s mother chose life over abortion.



Brianna Kristyn Roberts:

“I am part of the pro-life generation.I believe that abortion is not the answer for unplanned pregnancy.

“My birth mother was faced with a decision that many women today are facing. Without the means of properly raising a child, she chose the most ethical decision and chose adoption. With her courageous and unselfish decision, I now have the ability to thrive and succeed in life.

“Don’t you think everyone needs the ability to thrive and succeed in life?”

Nancy Pelosi:

“You said my mother chose, my mother chose. And we want other people to have … that opportunity to choose as well.”

Pelosi went on to criticize pro lifers.

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