• September 22, 2023

People Saw A Cop At Starbucks & Grabbed His Arm, But What Happened Next Shocked Everyone

As we know racial tensions in America are higher than ever since the shooting deaths of black teens by police officers. The Black Lives Matter movement that started as a small counter protest has now grown leaps and bounds and is fueled by hate.

It is only a matter of time before these “protesters” shift their focus to just hating white police officers and push their anger on black officers too.

Though this story could have gone the wrong way it didn’t, and your faith in humanity may be restored. When the officer was grabbing a quick cup of coffee before work a couple stopped him and asked if they could do the unthinkable by asking if they could pray for his safety.

These men and woman lay their lives on the line daily when they go to work and their families worry if their family member will come home. Please keep them in prayer and support them all during these tenuous times.

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