• April 19, 2024

[PHOTO] Beyoncé Gets Hammered For Facebook Post Honoring Michael Brown

“You are forever in our hearts”?

Pop singer Beyoncé is taking some flak for a Facebook entry she made in remembrance of the shooting death of Michael Brown.

She posted it Sunday, on the one-year anniversary of his death. He was shot and killed in self-defense by former Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson. Both a St. Louis County grand jury and a Defense Department investigation cleared Wilson of any charges.

Nonetheless, Beyoncé’s post, in the form of a meme, states:

“Today we will honor you and continue to fight for society to respect the humanity of all people. You are forever in our hearts. #MikeBrown.”

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If the pop star thought she was going to be showered with good wishes and words of gratitude, she was sadly mistaken.

One person responded:

I love how I see posts remembering a guy whom attacked an officer. The officer was proven innocent in the court of law and the evidence was there for this. I see one guy get killed by the police when the police were following training.

RIP to all police officers and first responders who were killed in the line of duty trying to make the world a better place. It’s time to start remembering the real heroes who put their life on the line everyday to try and stop criminals like the face you see here.

Yes there are a handful of rotten apples out there, but it’s time to start seeing the full story of what happened. This is why body cams on police officers should be mandatory. To prevent scrutiny. If you all think you can do a better job, put a uniform on and do it.

And then there were these:

“You do realize he punched a cop in the face right?
Also he had more convictions on him for battery, assault, etc, right?”

“I thought he was a thug. Didn’t he rob a store right before attempting to strike an officer?”

Indeed, he did. Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, had committed a strong-arm robbery of a local convenience store, making off with a box of cigars.

Wilson, though innocent, was forced to resign from the police force and live in seclusion due to death threats directed at him.

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