• June 17, 2024

[PHOTO] Gun Dealer Creates AWESOME, Head-Turning Anti-Obama Display

We’ve seen some pretty awesome pro-Trump and anti-Obama lawn displays this election cycle. However, when you’ve earned the moniker Dragonman and you are, according to your Facebook page, a gun dealer who specializes in full autos and silencers, we would expect your display to be a little bit more awesome than the rest.

And, let me tell you firsthand — Dragonman did not disappoint.

His epic display has “President Trump” on a pedestal, overlooking a rogue’s gallery of three liberals and his wife (not quite a rogue, but hey, whatever).

As you can see, Trump is on the top of the display in El Paso County, Colorado, abutting Highway 94. There was also Melania Trump, who was described as “a first lady we can be proud of.”


The rest of the descriptions, uh, went downhill from there.

“Goodbye Obama,” the sign by the commander in chief’s likeness read. “You were the worst president we ever had.”

Now, as an amateur historian, I must confess I think that Obama’s fellow Democrat James Buchanan was probably worse; his ineffectiveness led to both economic decline and eventually the Civil War. However, this is a bit like arguing over which Creed album was worst, or whether Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell was the biggest draft bust. You really wouldn’t want to be stuck with either.
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