• June 21, 2024

[PHOTO] Homeowner Comes Back With Bigger, Better Display After First Trump Sign Was Torched

After an unidentified arsonist doused his first Donald Trump sign in gasoline and set it ablaze, one New York homeowner has decided to put up the same display again, but this time — it’s bigger.

Sam Pirozzolo said he was first alerted to the fact that some “coward” had torched his sign when his daughter woke him up around 1 a.m. Sunday to tell him someone was ringing his doorbell. A few seconds later, he noticed an orange glow right outside his window.

The Staten Island resident said he wanted the arson to be investigated as a hate crime, according to the New York Post, but police said the crime did not meet the criteria for such a classification.

“If this was about my religion or if I was gay, this would be a hate crime,” Pirozzolo said. “That someone can walk up, set a fire, burn my property and put my family in danger — it’s crazy not to make this a hate crime.”

Nevertheless, Pirozzolo and the sign’s creator, artist Scott Lobaido, have constructed an identical, but even larger, sign to send the arsonist a bold message. For Lobaido, the “T,” meant to represent the Republican presidential nominee’s last name, is more than a sign. He says it’s a work of art.

“This is my freedom of speech, expression as an artist,” he told Maria Bartiromo Tuesday afternoon. He told the Fox News host that others in the neighborhood and some of his close friends pitched in to speed the process along to get the new display hoisted up as soon as possible.


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