• September 26, 2022

[PHOTO] Mom And Son Served A Nasty Note After Neighbor Sees Them Playing Outside

Bonnie Moran has been through it. The 32-year-old Mayfair mom suffers from spina bifida, and two of her three sons are autistic. Still, she says that most of the time, she’s able to hold her head high and enjoy life. But last week was a bit rougher than normal.

Moran says that when she went downstairs to get the mail the other day, among the bills and junk was a handwritten note about her three-year-old son Ryan, who has been diagnosed with autism, pica and ADHD, among other things.

Left: The anonymous note. Right: Mayfair’s Bonnie Moran with son Ryan, who has apparently been upsetting one of the neighbors.

Here is how the letter reads (we didn’t copy edit it):

To the parent of the small child at this house,

The weather is getting nicer and like normal people I open my windows for fresh air. NOT to hear some BRAT screaming his head off as he flaps his hands like a bird. I don’t care if its the way you raised him or if he is retarded. But the screaming and carring on needs to stop. No one wants to hear him act like a wild animal it’s utterly nerve wracking, not to mention its scaring my Normal children. By you just standing there talking to him don’t do anything. Besides you look like a moron as he walks all over you. Give him some old fashioned discipline a few times and he will behave. If that child needs fresh air … take him to the park not in out back or out front where other people are coming home from work, have a day off, or just relaxing. No one needs to hear that high pitched voice for hours. Do something about that Child!

One of your neighbors

“I was so angry,” says Moran, a graduate of Northeast High School. “I was all red. And then I just sat down and cried for hours. How can somebody be that mean?”

In the days that preceded her receipt of the anonymous letter, the weather had been warm, so Ryan had been playing outside. His father had him in the backyard playing soccer one day, and Ryan was on the sliding board out front the next.

“He was so excited,” says the mom. “And when he gets excited, he flaps his hands together real fast and squeals. It can be pretty high-pitched sometimes. You know how it is. Kids can be noisy.”
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