• September 22, 2023

Fed-Up Dad Makes Point by Sending This Common Core Check to His Kid’s School




A parent’s recent prank at the expense of his child’s elementary school is bringing new laughs to an old string of jabs against the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

The clever Ohio parent decided to put his money where his mouth was when it came time for him to write his child’s school a check. The payment, made out to Millridge Elementary, replaces the dollar amounts with “common core math,” which has been criticized for overcomplicating simple equations, according to the International Journal Review.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.56.25 AM

Now, if the school tries to cash the check, someone will need to explain the common core style of solving math equations to the bank clerk. Since elementary math teachers are generally not expected to cash checks made out to the school, the person cashing the check may find the process as confusing as the bank cashier.

The Ohio parent’s action is only the most recent in a string of jabs made by parents in protest of Common Core.

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