• October 4, 2023

[Photo] Surveillance Camera Caught 2 Muslims Doing Something Very Suspicious at Home Depot.

Surveillance camera caught 2 Muslims doing this suspicious thing at Home Depot.

An otherwise average trip to Home Depot took an alarming turn for one Miami, Florida shopper, when a couple of men dressed in Islamic garb were spotted outside the store, involved in suspicious behavior.

What would have been a strange purchase for any average citizen was only made worse by who these shoppers were and what they were stocking up on, along with something else that’s been happening.

A photo is going around the Internet which shows two Muslim men loading the back of their pickup truck with what is said to be approximately 30 propane tanks, reportedly taking place on December 9. While liberals may complain that it is bigoted profiling to be concerned about Muslims buying propane, nobody has the need for that many tanks, and it is especially suspicious, considering the mass buy out of cellphones in Missouri and stolen propane there as well. But, it gets worse.



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