• June 27, 2022

[Photos] Never Before Seen Pictures of Freddie Mercury


Farrokh Bulsara when he was born in Zanzibar in 1946.  When he was eight, he attended boarding school in India.  He would have been 70 this year.  This was long before he became Freddie mercury, front man for the popular band, Queen.  The pictures you are about to view are from his childhood and have never been made public before:

Mercury dressed in a smart blazer looks a far cry from some of his flamboyant onstage outfits - but fans will probably spot his prominent teeth

Mercury poses on a park bench in his younger years before becoming a global superstar

Mercury as a young child in one of the pics included in the new Queen box set 

Mercury in an early family photo from his childhood. His mother says he was very polite



From The Mail Online:

 In 2012, his mother Jer Bulsara revealed from her Nottingham, UK, home a different person to the bisexual, wild-living performer on stage during Mercury younger years.

‘Freddie kept a strict division between his work and his home all his life,’ she told The Daily Telegraph.

‘If I ever asked he would say, ‘Mum that is business, and this is family.’ He was kind and very respectful both to myself and his father.’

The photos also show the singer with his Queen band mates on tour. 

Mercury died aged 45 in 1991 of AIDS-related pneumonia. His 70th birthday would have been next month.

Mercury performs at Madison Square Garden on July 27, 1983 in New York City

Mercury onstage with his Queen band mates was known for his flamboyant stage craft

Mercury enjoying the scenery at the Nagoya Castle, Nagoya, Japan, April 22, 1975


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