• September 30, 2022

[PHOTOS] Teen Allegedly Had Nipples and Belly Button Removed, Now Selling Them $10k

Karim Boumjimar is an 18-year-old London-based artist and “self-proclaimed troll” who claims he recently had his belly button and nipples surgically removed. He plans to sell them as a necklace and earrings respectively for thousands of dollars. All of this is an expression of art, he told Dazed.

His urge to begin modifying his body began after he saw the Mona Lisa: “It’s really interesting how da Vinci meticulously paid attention to every single detail but chose not to give her eyebrows or the eyelashes,” he told Dazed. “And then it came to me — I could do the same thing with my body.”

He told PAPER “narcissism is [his] main medium” and that he uses his body and the things he does to it as a way to “create conversation between [him] and the viewer.” He reportedly went to Bosnia to have the surgeries where “it wasn’t really done legally, I mean it was legal, but not so legal. They just gave me so many drugs and at the end they gave me my nipples.”

He told Dazed he puts makeup all over his scars before his selfies because the scars are still healing. While he is very happy with the results now and plans to do more body modification surgery (“like attach something to [his feet]”), he knows he’ll regret his nipple removal in the future: “Definitely. But I will totally laugh about this when I’m 50.”‘

You can see more of Boumjimar’s photos on Instagram.

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