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PHOTOS: This Is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Drink Coke For 30 Days

We all know that soda is bad for you but I don’t think anyone realized how bad it is.


In an attempt to raise awareness concerning the harmful effects of soda in Coca-Cola, one man decided to drink it for 30 days straight to illustrate it.

However, I do not think anyone could have imagined them being this bad.

Here is more from Daily Mail:

A protruding belly, high blood pressure and intense sugar cravings.

This is what happens to the body after drinking 10 cans of Coca-Cola a day, according to one man who took up the challenge.

George Prior, 50, decided to embark on a ‘Coke diet’ in order to show the harmful effects of the high levels of sugar found in the world’s most popular drink.

In just 30 days he saw drastic changes to his formerly healthy and muscular physique.

He developed a protruding stomach and waistline and his weight ballooned from 12 stone (168lb) to 14 stone (192 lb).

His blood pressure soared from 129/77 to 145/96. This is way above the ideal level of 120/80 – and above this level, the risk of heart disease or stroke is greatly increased.

As well as the fast weight gain, Mr Prior, a father-of-two, said he feared he was becoming addicted to Coca-Cola after experiencing intense cravings.

While he tried to stick to his normal Paleo diet – a low-carbohydrate diet which focuses on eating lean meats, vegetables and berries – he began experiencing sugar cravings that were difficult to ignore.

‘The most dramatic change was in weight: 23lb of gain over 30 days,’ Mr Prior, who lives in L.A., said.

‘I also seemed to develop a craving for Cokes, or other sugars, during the time I was drinking Cokes.’

[As a result], I’m urging people to examine the amount of sugar in their diets.

‘People need to be aware of the real and powerful damaging effects of sugar on their health.

Mr Prior’s experiment comes shortly after New York Assemblyman Karim Camara said fizzy drinks ‘are the new smoking’ and called for sugar-laden beverages to carry warning labels similar to those found on cigarette packets.

Mr Camara said the aim of his bill, which would introduce warning labels on drinks, is to educate the public, and lower the consumption of the drinks.

In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) called for the recommended daily intake of sugar to be slashed from 50g to 25g – or from 10 to five cubes a day.

A regular can of Coke contains 35g of sugar, the equivalent of seven cubes, so that alone would exceed this limit.

As part of his challenge, Mr Prior drank 10 cans of Coke a day – a total of 350g of sugar – the equivalent of around 70 cubes.

Experts warn fizzy drinks contain sugar but have no other nutritional value, and Mr Prior said he found it hard to eat as much food because the Coke left him full at lunch and dinner times.

The BBQ accessory entrepreneur said he wanted to stir up debate: ‘I did the experiment to get people thinking and talking about how much sugar they eat and how unhealthy it is.

‘I would prefer not to do it again.

‘I don’t like being this heavy.

‘The actual drinking of the 10 Cokes got to be an irritating chore every day.

‘There were a lot of visits to the restroom, a feeling of constant fullness, and a clutter of cans everywhere.’

After Mr Prior stopped drinking the fizzy soft drink he lost 5lb in four days.

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