Piers Morgan: Why The Queen Should Fire “Spoiled Brat” Grandson Harry and His “Scheming, Selfish, D-List Actress Wife”

Piers Morgan, who has never been a fan of the “super-woke” Harry and Meghan couple, is offering some advice to Queen Elizabeth II, who he claims will go down in history as “one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, monarchs.”


Fire the leeching couple who blindsided the queen with their decision to leave the Royal family and instead, live the life of the Kardashians in North America, off the backs of British taxpayers.

Piers mocks the soon-to-be-former royal couple for suggesting that once they’re safely ensconced in their taxpayer-funded mansion in Canada, that the progressive couple will have the ability to tell the press to only write positive stories about them. Piers reminds them that no one, not even woke celebrity wanna-be’s have that kind of power.

In his brutal piece on the Obama bestie-couple, Piers tells the queen, who Harry and Meghan disgraced when they blindsided them with their decision to leave, to fire them.

The Daily Mail – Indeed, if I were Her Majesty the Queen, I would unceremoniously strip Harry and Meghan of all their titles with immediate effect and despatch them back into civilian life.

These two deluded clowns announced yesterday they were quitting life as senior royals.

In a series of staggeringly pompous statements on their gleaming new Hollywood-style website, they laid down the law to the Queen and to the rest of us about exactly how things are supposedly going to work from this moment on.

To summarise, they want to stop being ‘senior royals’ with all the tedious duty that entails.

nd instead, they now want to be a ‘progressive’ force within ‘the institution’.

In other words, they want to be super-woke celebrities (with all the outrageous ‘Do as we say not as we do’ hectoring hypocrisy they’ve already brought to that status) who get to keep all the trappings of royal life without any of the hard, boring bits and the right to cash in on their status however they choose.

So, they want the glitz, the glamour, the splendor and the stupendous wealth….they just don’t want to have to actually earn it.

What a pathetic joke.

In their lengthy list of pronouncements, Harry and Meghan say they will now be spending much of their time in North America, where they’ve just been lounging on their lazy backsides for six weeks ‘much-needed holiday’ – a holiday from what, exactly? – at a multi-millionaire’s waterside mansion in Canada.

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