• February 8, 2023

Pint Sized Woman in Road Rage Incident..Thugs Come in Small Packages

A very petite pink haired woman had her car hit by another driver and she absolutely lost it.  She kicked the man’s car twice in an effort to get him out of his car.  He finally emerged and surveyed the damages, which he seemed to think were small.  The woman then pummeled the man who put his arms out in an effort to block her punches.

The mismatch in size didn’t appear to worry the pink-shorted woman, as she lost her rag after being hit from behind in a minor collision near the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires.

As other drivers tooted their horns, she walked up to the driver of the offending vehicle and kicked his door twice to lure him out of his car.

Footage taken by a shocked motorist behind them showed she didn’t appear too impressed by his assessment of the situation either after he’d inspected her vehicle.


From The Mail Online:

She gave him a slap round the face with her right hand as he walked back towards his car before knocking his head sideways with a left hook to his other cheek and delivering a combination of left and right seconds later.

The man tried to stop her by putting his hands out to protect himself as she threatened to continue her onslaught, and she got in another punch to his stomach before an onlooker rushed over to intervene.

The motorist filming the violent scene could be heard sympathising with the male victim by saying: ‘You can’t fight with a woman because if you hit her, you go to prison.’ 

It is not known if he made a formal complaint about the assault, which happened in the city of Ramos Mejia in Buenos Aires province, a 30-minute drive from the capital.


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