• April 15, 2024

Police Are Looking For A Woman Who Hides In Porta-Potty’ s, Really?

A woman was found hiding inside the toilet of a porta-potty Saturday morning when a nearby construction worker stopped to use the restroom.

Treasurer Dawn Shockey, 27, had two warrants for her arrest, both related to identity theft when she was spotted by Eugene police at 11:18 a.m. near Coburg Road and Chad Drive.

Shockey ran when police tried to talk to her, according to authorities and disappeared into a nearby neighborhood. A female resident of the area told police she saw a woman run through her yard and climb a fence onto the Eugene Swim and Tennis Club property.

Some 20 minutes later, as police continued to look for the woman, a construction worker notified an officer that he had lifted the lid of a portable toilet nearby and had been surprised to see the woman down below.

Shockey exited the portable restroom and was arrested by police.

Found at Register-Guard 

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