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Police Determine That Pepper Spray Girl Lied About Sexual Assault



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The police in Janesville, Wisconsin have determined that Pepper Spray Girl lied about being sexually assaulted.  She just used that as an excuse to try to get a reaction out of the Trump supporters.  Pepper Spray Girl probably didn’t count on getting maced though.  Originally police announced that they were looking for the person who had sexually assaulted Pepper Spray Girl, but after watching videos and interviewing witnesses, it became crystal clear that she was just doing what liberals do best, lie.  The elderly man she punched has refused to press charges but the police have referred her to the juvenile authorities for unruly behavior.

Meanwhile, the police have identified the young man who maced Pepper Spray Girl but did not file charges or arrest him.  It is lawful to use such weapons in defense of yourself or others.  The 15 year old in question has a foul mouth and every other word out of her mouth was effin this and effin that.  She was totally out of control.

Here is the video for you that may have missed it:


From another angle.  I could see her pepper sprayed dozens of times a day:

Remember people, these are the ones that call us hateful and violent.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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