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Shocking Footage Shows The Truth About Makiyah Bryant!

Yesterday afternoon, right about the time that the Derek Chauvin so-called “guilty” verdict was being handed down there was another shooting that the mainstream media was salivating over.

The incident occurred in Columbus, Ohio during an altercation between a 15-year-old girl who was in the middle of physically attacking two yes count them, TWO other young women.

Makiyah Bryant was fatally shot and within moments of the deadly incident, NPR was already peddling the narrative that she was shot in cold blood by another racist police officer. These media hacks who USED to just report the news was already stoking the racial divide and knew it since they added a disclaimer at the end of their story.

Of course, this sort of reporting brought out the protesters who were ready to pounce due to this shady sort of reporting.

Well, as it turns out, as earlier reported, that Makiyah Bryant indeed had a knife. The Columbus, Ohio police released bodycam footage that shows what happened. WATCH:

Furthermore, the footage shows that she was shot while wielding a knife against another girl.

Once again, this is a case where a crowd called for “mob justice” without knowing the facts. Below, members of the community shouted obscenities at the police officers on the scene.

The protesters were confrontational with police officers.

Video footage of the scene seems to corroborate that the victim was a 15-year-old girl. (Caution: Graphic language.)

The on-the-scene video seems to corroborate the girl shot had a knife. (Caution: Graphic language.)

Once again, the facts of the shooting of Makiyah Bryant’s death don’t fit the left’s narrative. The truth doesn’t seem to matter to the left, anyway.

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