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Police Search For Ohio Woman Who Flimed Herself Having Sex With Her Dog

Police in Warren, Ohio are searching for a woman who posted a picture of herself having sex with a dog.  Police are requesting anyone knowing the whereabouts of Amber Finney to pass that information along to them.  She will be charged with bestiality and cruelty to an animal.  Ironically it was the arrest of a neighbor last year that forced the city to add an ordinance after one of Finney’s neighbors were caught having sex with his dog.  Until then, you could only be charged with a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.

The city was forced to change its laws after one of Finney’s neighbours Salvador Rendon, 61, was convicted of having sex with dogs last year.

The new law was brought in because at the time he could only be charged with animal cruelty.

Finney was allegedly filmed in sex sessions with the mutt, but the she reportedly insists the film isn’t real.

But detective Nick Carney said: “She says it’s fake. But for everyone else who has seen the footage it’s clear as day that it’s not a fake.

“It’s a real video.”

A warrant is now out for Finney’s arrest following complaints about the tape when it went viral online.

Carney said Finney told him on the phone she was out of town and would turn herself in when she returned to Warren next week.

Finney’s Facebook page shows several photos of dogs and a cat.

And a picture of a pitbull-type dog has the caption: “This is Rocko he is a pit mix free for a good home.”

This type of behavior is on the rise thanks to the liberal’s anything is normal policies.

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