• June 20, 2024

Police Sergeant Hospitalized After Teenager Slips Drugs In His Drink

LAYTON — A Subway employee deliberately put illegal drugs into a Layton police sergeant’s drink Monday, causing the man to be hospitalized, investigators say.

Tanis Lloyd Ukena, 18, was arrested Monday evening and booked into the Davis County Jail for investigation of surreptitious administration of a substance, a second-degree felony.

Ukena allegedly placed methamphetamine and THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, into the sergeant’s cup during a drive-thru transaction around 12:20 p.m. Monday. Surveillance video from the Subway, 1142 E. state Route 193, shows the incident unfold, according to a Davis County Jail report.

“In the video, (Ukena) is seen filling the drink portion of the order at the drive-up fountain area,” the report states. “For some unknown reason, he walks away from the fountain machine out of camera view. He then returns to the drink where he is seen spending what seems to be an unusual amount of time getting it ready to deliver to the sergeant.”

The sergeant took several sips of the lemonade he had ordered and later reported that it “tasted funny,” according to the jail record.

“The (sergeant) began feeling the effects of being drugged,” the report says. “While approaching an intersection that had a red light, he had difficulty getting his foot to move to the brake pedal. (He) drove to the Layton Police Department, where he was observed to have signs of impairment. He was unable to process information and drifted off, and was unable to focus on questions being asked of him.”

The man was taken to Davis Hospital and Medical Center, where it became apparent that he remained impaired, according to Layton police.

Layton Police Sgt. Clint Bobrowski said the sergeant was in his police uniform and in a clearly identified police vehicle when he made his order. Investigators believe he was targeted because he was a police officer, “but we don’t know for sure,” Bobrowski said.

“I know that the community here in Utah is overwhelmingly supportive of law enforcement, and we’ve experienced that over the last couple of months. … I think this is a very isolated incident,” he said.

Bobrowski interacted with the drugged police sergeant at the police station, he said.

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