• May 17, 2022

Poll Analysis: If Election Were Today Trump Would Win



When finding the winner of any presidential election is to go state by state and count until you get to 270.  As of today, Donald Trump has 270 and possibly much more.  We must begin by adding up all the states certain to for Trump, including Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, and South Carolina.  That gives Trump 164 electoral votes.

After some shaky showings in polls , Trump has pulled away in Georgia and Arizona.  That means an additional 27 votes for a total of 191 electoral votes.  Since the beginning of September, trump has won almost every poll in Florida and Ohio.  Winning those two states nets another 47 votes or 238 total.  Nevada and Iowa appear to be nailed down for Trump for another 12 votes or 250 total.  Maine will add one and Trump has led every poll in North Carolina and those fifteen points along with one from Maine gives Trump 266 electoral votes.

There are a lot of states in play for Trump that no other republican has come close to winning.  Those states include Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico.  Any one of the states gives Trump the presidency.    The best option right now  Colorado, where Trump currently leads by 4 points.  That gives Trump 9 more votes or a total of 275.  If a few more of those states, it could become a landslide.  The debate looms large.  Clinton has tried to make Trump into a dangerous lunatic.

Should Trump keep his composure, Hillary will probably lose hers and Trump would get a huge bump with little time left before the election.

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